2019 – Building Teachers’ Capacity in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone

One of Viaduct Foundation’s gifts in 2019 was a contribution to CAUSE Canada‘s initiative, “Building Teachers’ Capacity in Koinadugu, Sierra Leone”. Why is teacher training so critical?

sierra leone student
Sierra Leone student – Photo by CAUSE

“In 2018, Sierra Leone elected a new government. This government is cognizant of the poor quality of education plaguing its country and is determined to improve the quality of education. Under the new government, the Teacher Service Commission declared that all teachers must achieve level one of the new teacher standards by 2022, or they will no longer be permitted to teach. In Koinadugu, most schools are reliant on untrained teachers – known as Community Teachers – to provide education to children. While improving the quality of education for children in Sierra Leone is critical, if Community Teachers are not able to gain the skills needed and the necessary certifications to meet the these new standards, many of the schools in the region will not have any teachers and will likely close.

CAUSE Canada is presently working with 17 schools in the Koinadugu region of Sierra Leone. These schools employ close to 140 certified and community teachers. This project will build the capacity of teachers to provide the foundations of literacy and numeracy to their students, recognizing that children are more likely to succeed in school when they develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills.”

The shift to quality education from access is certainly one that I am in agreement with but it would be terrible if schools needed to close because teachers didn’t meet the qualification requirements.
– Wendy Fehr –  Executive Director, CAUSE Canada

annual report excerpt
Annual Report excerpt – Photo by CAUSE

CAUSE Canada has been working in communities in Sierra Leone for many years; click the image to read an excerpt from a recent Annual Report describing their work in education. And they are experienced in using RACHEL systems to provide education opportunities to areas without internet access (in fact without even electricity!).

If you’d like further information or feel inspired to donate, please contact us.