Support for TIES – 2021 onward

Building upon our success with the NowLight field test in early 2021, the trustees of Viaduct Foundation agreed that for 2022 and onward the majority of our gifts will go to the registered charity, TIES (officially Viaduct Technology In Education Society).

From the TIES website:

Our projects are run in the least developed countries of the world in order that donations will have the maximum impact. “Least developed” means the bottom third of the countries in the world by Purchasing Power Parity, and preferably countries among those with the highest Fragile States Index.

As posted on Facebook, in 2021 Viaduct Foundation funded a field test of 10 Deciwatt NowLight kits through the S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation at the request of Viaduct Technology In Education Society (TIES). (Read more about this project at When TIES obtained registered charitable status in August, 2021, Viaduct Foundation provided funding for all of their new projects:

  • Support for indigenous girls through high school scholarships at Ak’ Tenamit School in Guatemala. (
  • Gift of RACHEL systems and tablets to CAUSE Canada programs in Sierra Leone. (
  • Kenya university scholarship program for girls who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial need. (

In late 2021, Viaduct Foundation gave additional funding to TIES to continue the projects above, and initiate new projects in 2022. Funding for TIES is expected to continue in subsequent years.